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Called “Florida’s Last Frontier” by longtime Palm Beach Residents who remember a time before populations boomed, Loxahatchee is truly a rural paradise that appears to be miles from civilization, yet is under 30 minutes to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches, and just about an hour from the hustle and bustle of Miami. Loxahatchee has attracted equestrian enthusiasts to live on it’s vast properties, thanks in part to its proximity to Wellington, the winter Equestrian Capital of the World. A quick Google search will produce dozens results filled of stables, riding schools, feed centers, and other equestrian-related businesses and facilities, while also being just miles from high-end shopping and dining in Wellington, West Palm Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens.

Life in Loxahatchee is filled with rolling green fields, horseback riding with family and friends, and…wild animals?! The first of its kind, Lion Country Safari is a “cage-free” drive through safari that residents and visitors to the area love. Opened in 1967, this award-winning zoo covers more than 500 acres and allows to view species like lions, rhinos, giraffes and more from the safety of their vehicles. Loxahatchee’s larger than average lot sizes, ranging from 1 to 20 acres on average, also come with looser land restrictions than other Palm Beach County communities east of Interstate 95, allowing for relatively trouble-free construction of structures like horse barns, riding stables, pool houses, and guest cottages right on the property.

Custom Home Construction in Loxahatchee

Imagine the feeling when you turn down your long driveway, and smack in the middle of a sprawling green grass meadow, sits the home that you’ve been seeing every time you closed your eyes. Prizm Construction is the team of builders, architects, and developers that can help take your Loxahatchee custom home dreams, and bring them to fruition. Our range of custom home construction in Loxahatchee ranges from quaint ranch-style homes for small families and retirees, to stately multi-bedroom homes designed to hold the entire extended family during winter equestrian season visits.

Loxahatchee Horse Barn Construction

It’s no surprise that Prizm Construction, one of Palm Beach Counties premier builders, also has an area of expertise in building custom horse barns and riding arenas in Loxahatchee. After all, as lifelong residents of Palm Beach, we have spent our fair share of time at homes and properties with some of the most stunning equestrian facilities, and we bring a level of professionalism to each and every build that in unrivaled. From constructing run-in sheds across your property for protection from inclement weather (it is South Florida, after all), to row barns to house a few prized horses, all the way up to large aisle barns designed to board over a dozen horses at a time, the level of attention and precision Prizm Construction puts into each horse barn build matches that found in every custom home.

Riding Arena Builders in Loxahatchee

South Florida heat, paired with regular rainstorms that roll through the area, can often turn horseback riding into a rather unenjoyable time, even for the most seasoned equestrian veterans. With a surprisingly small footprint required, build a private riding arena on your property in Loxahatchee is actually much more realistic and attainable than most homeowners may realize. Prizm Construction is your go-to for custom riding arena construction, thanks to our background in designing and building arenas for homeowners throughout western Palm Beach County. From a fully enclosed, climate-controlled indoor riding center, to an open-sided structure to protect from the elements, a custom riding arena is the ultimate feature for a Loxahatchee home enjoyed by equestrian lovers.

Prizm Construction wants to help you turn “Florida’s Last Frontier” into your forever home by working side by side with you and your family or partners to create a stunning piece of real estate in Loxahatchee. Whether you project spans multiple areas of residential construction or commercial development, we’d love to have the opportunity to speak with you more about how Prizm Construction can help to bring your project to life. You can reach us at our West Palm Beach office by phone by calling 561-410-5244, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9am and 6pm. For weekend and evening inquiries, please visit the Contact page on our website, and complete the form. Our office staff will review your submission and reach out to you as soon as possible.